Digital Twin for Rail

A digital environment for a physical world

WillowRail enables a rail network owner to evolve its asset management approach to a digital twin platform, integrating all aspects of a rail network in a digital environment – from performance management to passenger experience.

The digital twin unlocks new ways to engage with rail network assets and explore a complete and interactive network view across all key operational elements, live and in real-time. The rail domain knowledge drawn from Strukton’s rail asset management expertise and embedded in the digital twin makes this a powerful tool that provides capability for robust and actionable insights for decision-makers.

A new way

Who is WillowRail?

Formed in 2018, WillowRail is a joint venture between Strukton Rail and Willow, with offices in Sydney, Perth and Utrecht.

Together, Strukton Rail and Willow can offer an integrated software solution for all rail network types including trams, light rail, metro (high speed) trains and heavy haul. 

How it Works

Within the realm of rail operations and maintenance, there are a host of different software systems which are used to monitor network performance. Separately, these components are each valuable tools. However, the overall effectiveness of these distinct systems is significantly enhanced if they are integrated ‘live’ and operated from a single management platform.

WillowRail combines operational data and asset management information into a simple and intuitive software platform, combining, organising and managing the static, spatial and live data for all rail assets, to create a data-driven digital rail network. 

The Benefits

Value is realised from both a revenue and cost perspective, with proactive efficiency in maintaining networks resulting in the improved reliability of assets and reduced maintenance costs and enabling improved network capacity (greater availability of trains as the network is running at its optimum level).

With data feeding into a single agnostic ecosystem, all in-house data and tools are converged to create a single, seamless and intuitive platform. No longer viewed in isolation and visible at all levels of an organisation, from the CEO right through to the engineering resources managing the asset.


Availability. Reliability. Safety.