Digital Twin for Rail

Our world has never been so rich in data as it is now, providing us with an opportunity to utilise this information.

The data sharing aspect of a digital twin is a secure way of allowing the rail industry to see a full picture of accurate, up to date datasets in a user-friendly format. A powerful data visualisation, simulation and collaboration tool is a game-changer for the future of smart monitoring and predictive asset management.

We believe that this single intuitive platform will be valued by all levels of your organisation from the CEO to the engineering resources managing the asset.

Data is critical when operating a network.

A Collaborative Platform

Having a digital twin for rail enables a rail network owner to evolve its asset management approach, integrating all aspects of a rail network in a digital environment – from performance management to passenger experience and can be used to plan for, prevent, support, maintain and predict their assets.

Imagine being able to explore a complete and interactive network view across all key operational elements, live and in real-time.


How We Work, Together

At Strukton Rail, asset management and data management go hand in hand. Health models are developed with each customer’s own data and analysed in detail to understand the current state of the network. Existing network data and engineering standards are applied to assess intervention effectiveness and predicted deterioration rates. These models predict future asset condition and enables our customers to prioritise areas of operational criticality, aligned with the asset strategy and long-term investment.

The concept of digital twin has its roots in engineering and the creation of engineering drawings/graphics benefit a data driven rail network. Often operational data and asset management information is collected by a host of different software systems.  With a digital twin, the overall effectiveness of these distinct systems is significantly enhanced because they are integrated ‘live’ and operated from a single management platform.  

By working together with rail network owners who are collecting static, spacial and live data on all assets across the network, managing the raw data and providing actionable insights for decision makers, our customers are able to improve their network capacity.


Improved reliability of assets and reduced maintenance costs are achieved through proactive efficiency in network maintenance.  Our track engineers and data management specialists will apply their domain knowledge and customer insights in combination with modelling and data analysis approaches.  These models can be integrated ‘live’ and operated from a single digital twin interface.