The value of combined efforts

The rail industry offers a wide range of challenges and many of these are consistent across network boundaries, in different parts of the world and different operational circumstances (urban, freight & heavy haul). Strukton has nearly 100 years of heritage in the rail industry, yet our success in addressing some of these operational challenges has been the result of our willingness to engage and share development expertise with engineering, technology and supply partners. I believe in an ever-changing technology world, so key partners help us tap into the best available experience and knowledge from across the industry and then apply 100 years of domain knowledge to solutions.  All our partners, from global significant companies to small tech start-ups, help create further connections with other important partners and so it goes on…

A recent successful partnership with Willow, has established the digital twin for rail - WillowRail. The concept and development so far has already seen our product showcased by Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, in his keynote address at the recent Ignite 2019 conference in Orlando, Florida and at Innovate Sydney 2019 this week. That was a great thrill for our team! Particularly in a modern world where the rate of technology change is so rapid, it is so important to work with like-minded teams, that shore our passion to make a difference in industry through technology.

But partnering is not just about working with engineering and technology partners. I strongly believe in the importance of working in partnership with our customers. Our aim is to build a trusted partnership whereby the value of the combined efforts is significantly greater than the measured inputs and costs.  The value of more tonnes to port, higher network reliability and a more comfortable travel experience for the passenger – derived by working together and using the network of partnerships we share. For Strukton Rail, we then further deepen our domain knowledge and build capability to create new value for the industry.

Paul McIlveen has led Strukton Rail’s business in Australia since November 2017 and is responsible for the development and growth into key markets of passenger transport and heavy haul. He is passionate about the opportunities that technology and data can provide to the rail sector and the learnings that can be shared between Australia and the rest of the world.