Optimise the lifespan of network assets.

Safety Technologies

Strukton provides technology solutions that make working on railway infrastructure safer and more efficient, optimising the method of managing track possessions and significantly improving efficiency of maintenance windows. Our innovative safety systems are implemented using the Internet of Things (IoT) platform via the Cloud, to make planning and track work safer, more efficient and paperless.

The technology means that track workers no longer have to spend time ‘in track’ to install safety measures. This reduces the number of shifts required to carry out works and maximises the productivity of time spent on track, with more work undertaken between trains.

Our Track Circuit Operating Device is a preinstalled, remotely operated device which simulates a train in the section. The section is immediately blocked, enabling rail workers to perform work on the track safely.


Rolling Stock Power Systems

Obsolescence issues related to the network’s power supply systems can impact the future reliability and availability of ageing rolling stock fleets. Life extension and reduced energy consumption of fleets can be realised by modernising the impacted power systems.


Utilising global technology, Strukton Rail Australia’s Rolling Stock Power Solutions division provides replacement systems to meet specific client specifications and requirements, adhering to industry rolling stock standards. 

A form, fit and function replacement equal to the old system design requires no adaptations to the vehicle for installation or operation. The systems are designed for low maintenance, easy accessibility and require minimal spare parts.


High Output Equipment

We can provide state-of-the-art machines for rail construction and maintenance works, including major track renewals and ballast cleaning programs, providing a sophisticated, mechanised solution that reduces exposure to safety risks associated with the works.

Our comprehensive fleet of high output equipment consists of over 100 large machines, including 15 renewal trains and ballast cleaners, over 60 tampers and regulators and more than 50 locomotives. 

Experienced in managing complex logistical challenges associated with the deployment of these machines, our highly skilled operators and mechanics can provide the complete solution, from logistical planning, to machine operations and maintenance.